Created from the words sustainability and none plastics in the ocean, C’SHELL is a fine handmade jewellery brand, focusing on creating something beautiful for you, whilst helping our oceans to get cleaner and better. C’SHELLs jewellery is made to last and for everyday use and all our pieces are unique due to the natural and fine materials such as seashells, gold, silver and sea water pearls.

C’SHELL draws its inspiration from the ocean and nature and the materials they are created by are carefully selected with a great respect and responsibility for our environment. For every jewellery sold, we donate five percent of the profit to the www.theoceancleanup.com and www.take3.org organisations to help clean our shores and beaches from the plastics waste and to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to help the nature and the animal life within.

C’SHELL is a brand focusing on individuality rather than mass production meaning small collections produce and packaged in a sustainable way and in recycled boxes. Almost all our models are limited edition pieces and all our jewellery is made by hand in Stockholm, Sweden